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BBQ mat
BBQ mat
BBQ mat
BBQ mat
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BBQ mat
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BBQ mat

BBQ mat

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Non-stick and environmentally friendly
Our barbecue mats are made of natural fiberglass (without PFOA) and can withstand high temperatures up to 260 degrees. (The instant temperature can be up to 360 degrees) The grill mat is environmentally friendly and contains a special non-stick coating, so your food will never stick again!

Ideal for chicken, pork ribs, burgers, steaks, fish, shrimp, fruits, vegetables, etc.

100% non-stick
Our barbecue mat is 100% non-stick, waterproof and oil-proof. This way, you can easily remove grease stains from the mat and reuse the mat. Our barbecue mat is also suitable for any type of barbecue (charcoal, gas or electric grill)

With our barbecue mats, you don't have to worry about sustainability. They are environmentally friendly, tasteless and do not affect food quality. They can also be reused.

Our high-grade non-stick barbecue mat is suitable for any barbecue, which can prevent premature wear of the barbecue due to grease and adhesion. You can easily roast all kinds of meat, fish, vegetables, and also extend the life of precious barbecues.
You can use a barbecue mat to keep the barbecue clean, or you can collect fat. Grease and food debris that stick to the grill during grilling can cause smoke, malodor and flames.

You can use our barbecue mat to easily prevent this, you can wipe it clean and reuse it according to the usage.


We are the only real barbecue mat supplier with the highest quality
Prevent food from falling into the grill, no more flames
Easy to clean and reusable
100% environmentally friendly
Non-stick (100% non-stick)
Extend your precious grill time, can also be cut into sizes
Multifunctional, can also be used in the oven
"Every summer barbecue lovers must have, and this summer is indispensable"




Material: Environmentally friendly glass fiber (excluding PFOA), and 100% approved.
Specifications: 40 x 33cm, thickness 0.2mm
Color black, copper, gold

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